Monday, January 9, 2012

ICS Update - January 9, 2012

I hope that all are doing well! Put the holiday decorations away, and are hoping for a snowless winter and a Raven's playoff win!

Must say I've had a nasty few months at work. Nothing managers like better than taking happy people and making them miserable. But with luck, in a little over a year's time I'll be able to join our growing band of retirees. But that's another story!

So, this month will be--
FAIRLY RECENT MOVIE MONTH! Yes, friends, we want you to dig into your "To Watch" pile and find a movie that was say, released in the last year or so. Like usual, we'll vote for one to watch! I myself will be bringing in that German Zombie Film RAMMBOCK full of der walkingish zomberneibeilugen. What have you got that's new? Bring it on in!

We'll also be having our elections in January! Running are John "The Movie Geek" Ward, Nina "We got $45 from Amazon!" Hawes, Tom "The Velvet Voice" Proveaux, Charlie "You're a good man" Wittig, Dave "Record holding board member" Willard, and myself.

Remember, dues are dooby dooby do.

I recently noticed that there's another movie based on Susan Hill's "the Woman in Black" coming out. Now some of you may've seen the PBS version done a few years back. Without any gore, they built a very suspenseful film, that frankly kept my every nerve on edge. A truly scary picture. Well, the story's been dusted off again for a new version, starring some actor named Radcliffe. Name sounds familiar, but I can't think of what he's been in. Anyway, whereas the original had minimal SPFX, it looks like this one makes use of modern techniques. But from the trailer, it looks like the same suspenseful story. Take a gander at the YouTube clip:

 Woman in Black

It opens Feb 3, and maybe this could be an ICS Flash Mob Movie.

We're really empty on people signing up for movie presentations! If you'd like to do a movie presentation, please see Charlie at the meeting. Else we'll be having a lot of pot luck movie nights. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Talk to you soon-


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