Monday, January 28, 2013

ICS Update: Addendum - January 28, 2013

Given that Hendo has stepped down as Chairman, "Hendo's Corner" will be placed in stasis.  A new blog will be started as John Ward has taken over the Chairman's position.  The new blog is "The Last Ward" and will be added to the "News and Media" link on our ICS Home Page.

We will provide a link here that goes directly to John Ward's new blog as Chairman.

ICS Update: Happy Anniversary - January 28, 2013

Greetings ICSers!

This January marks our 14th year in existence! I want to thank all of those frosty folks who came out on such a frigid night to watch movies. We showed the animated feature "The Dark Knight Returns" based on the story by Frank Miller. Kim Bartenslager was supposed to do presentations, but his father was taken to the hospital with congestive heart failure. Our best wishes go out to Kim.

The board has been shuffled around some. John Ward is the new Chairman, Tom Proveaux is the new Secretary, and Nina will stay on as Treasurer. Charlie and myself will become members at large. Since our inception, we have always had elections. We have had many great boards over the years- everyone should consider running one day.

We had a very important issue to discuss. In a nutshell: The church wants to increase our rent. Originally they told us $100, which we felt was reasonable. THEN they said $150, which we feel is not. Charlie has been our go-between, and a meeting was arranged with the pastor and the ICS Board, which he canceled with 1 hour's notice. Although he has said the amount is flexible, fact is we cannot afford more than $100. Just not doable. So while we remain in negotiations, we are exploring any possible options. Nothing is set in stone yet.

Here's the schedule for the foreseeable future:

February- Tom Diggin - Superhero Parodies
March- John Weber - ?
April- Courtney Spies - Quatermass Movies
May - Skip Phillips- Once Upon A Time in the West
June - Tom Proveaux - Chilling the Funny Bone
July - Judy Pentz - Horror in the 60s
August - Charlie Wittig - Fantasy in TV
September - Gary Svehla - ?
October - Greg Mank - Dissecting Young Frankenstein
November - Wayne Ferguson - ?
December - John Ward - Tarantino Movies
January - your friendly neighborhood Hendo - Jules Verne on Film

So there you have it. John Ward will be taking over the ICS-UPDATES as the new Chairman. I've enjoyed being Chairman of this fine group of people for the past 2-3 years. But you need to have variety to keep things from getting stale. New ideas, new approaches. I look forward to serving you on the board as a member at large as John takes the helm.

Stay warm, my friends.


Thursday, January 24, 2013

ICS Update - January 24, 2013

Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed,,,

Roger, ready to move out

Yes, friends, those immortal words uttered at the beginning of the Batman TV show gives a clue as to what this Saturday's Meeting will be about- BATMAN MOVIES! There are certainly a number to choose from. From Adam and Burt to Bale, and all those in between. Personally, to me the only Batman movies are the campy 60s one, and the ones with Christian Bale. But hey, maybe you're a big fan of Joel Schumacher's Bats? Come on out and let's watch some bat-movies, same bat-time, same bat-place.

We're now in January and coming up is February- two months known for... snow! Now if we cancel a meeting, I will send out an email that morning, or if it snows badly on Friday, that evening. In any event, use your own judgement. If you are worried about the streets, stay home. We don't want anyone getting hurt.

We have an open calendar for showing movies. Used to be we had a year waiting list. Now it's like 6 months. We encourage all members to take a night. If you don't want to do a presentation, that's fine. You could simply do something like "Your 5 favorite movies", or "Movies I Hate" or whatever.

January is Dues Time. We need to ask members to try to pay your dues promptly, so we can pay the bills. We now have PayPal available via our website (that's how I renewed).

That's all for now. Keep Warm!