Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ICS Update - September 28, 2011

Greetings and Salutations!

Well, Fall is now here, Summer 2011 is now a thing of the past. Which is better than being a Thing From Another World.

Last month we had Courtney Spies give a great talk on Orson Welles' MacBeth (hoot, man!). Courtney is a long standing member (we tell him he should sit down and take a load off every now and then), but this is the first time he's done a presentation! What's more, he liked it, and wants to do another one, and we are going to accommodate him on that. We encourage everyone to take a shot- we're not a judgmental audience at all.

In case you weren't there, or would like to hear it again, go here to see it on THE ICS CHANNEL:
The ICS Channel

Well, October is coming, and for us lovers of the macabre, that means HALLOWEEN. Mark your calendars for October 22- that's when the ICS will be putting on a feature presentation at the Perry Hall Library on Honeygo Blvd (see map). At 1:00 we will be screening a colorized version of EARTH v THE FLYING SAUCERS! It will be open to the general public, and we are using this as a means of publicizing the club, the olde fashioned way- by meet and greet. If you can make it, please do so!

The Halloween Party is set for the October 29. More on that later.

In December we will be having the Silent Auction like last year. And in January we will be having RECENTLY RELEASED MOVIE NIGHT. I couldn't help but notice that for a variety of reasons, most of our members don't go to the movies. And since so many movies go to DVD pretty quickly, it is possible to bring in movies that were in the theaters 3 months (if that) earlier. So that's what we will be doing. I already have 2 to bring in- DRIVE ANGRY about Nick Cage escaping from Hell, and BERLIN DEAD, an acclaimed German film about a Zombie outbreak. Got a recent movie? Bring it in!

I wanted to mention here... that we've noticed that there's been a lot of single movie nights where there's no voting. We would like to encourage members to try to pick themes, and bring in movies along that theme that the members can vote on. People are often going to decide to come based on their impression (preconceived or not) of a movie on a single movie night. But when one doesn't know exactly what film is being shown, there's more chance of members showing up. I'd love to have a VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA night, but I know full well that after the presentation, I'd be the only one watching! So while we're not trying to discourage single movie nights, we are trying to encourage movie nights where the members vote. Yes, it's politics. What isn't nowadays?

More to come later!

Chairman Hendo of the People's Republik of Cinema

Friday, September 16, 2011

ICS Update - September 16, 2011

Is it Michael Jackson cloned? No, it's the first shots of Johnny Depp as Barnabas Collins...

Also, some shots of next year's highly anticipated THE AVENGERS movie. Not quite sure who the villain is- but I imagine Loki's involved.

Nuff said


Monday, September 12, 2011

ICS Quick Update - Monday September 12, 2011

Greetings folks! I hope that most of you are beginning to dry out from all the rain we've had. And those who had damage I hope are getting themselves back together. It's been one freaky summer we've had.

Judy, Betsy, Charlie and Rick have been doing wonderful things with our Facebook Page and website. They've set up a memorial page for Jim Childs, John Clayton and Sue Feder. Check it out and leave a message there, si vous plait.
ICS Facebook Page

The Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Con will be held in Hunt Valley this year, the last weekend in September. I won't bother going over the guest list, but I will say that I thought one guest, Micheal Considine, was dead... but he's not! He's alive and kickin' and... selling autographs.
Nostalgia Con

Are there any original ideas out there? I see they're now re-making "Straw Dogs". There is a new film out with Ryan Gosling called "Drive" that I'm looking forward to. And all the rain gave me a chance to catch up on some DVDs in my "to watch" pile- "True Blood" (hey, if your biggest dream in life was to see Anna Paquin naked, you need to check this out), "Unstoppable" (did see this in the movies), and "3:10 to Yuma". That fellow Russell Crowe did a good job in this movie. I wonder if he'll do any other movies just as good, or whether this was a one shot deal for him...

Anyway, enjoy the dwindling days of Summer (which OFFICIALLY ends the Friday before our meeting) and SEE YOU- AT THE MOVIES!


Friday, September 2, 2011

ICS Update - September 2, 2011 Labor Day Update

Dang, that summer went FAST!  Don't they always? And yet winter just seems to drag on and on... Here we are at the unofficial end of summer (which doesn't officially end until September 23). Schools back in session (starting before Labor Day to me is an affront to tradition and the traffic shows it.

Here in the past 2 weeks we've had an earthquake and a hurricane. I've heard that the storm affected different folks depending on where they live. Everything from no damage to extensive damage to no power. Here's hoping that those adversely affected are back on their feet. And yes, for the first time ever we had to cancel a meeting due to a tropical storm.

So that means we will push Courtney Spies and MacBeth back to September, and Dave Willard will do the movie "M" for Halloween.

Well, if you're looking for stuff to do, and the Orioles only get your deepest contempt and the Baltimore Grand Prix is not your cup of tea, and the Ravens haven't started the regular season yet- there are some genre movies out. There's Fright Night, a remake of the original that starred the always creepy Chris Sarandon (gawd, his scenes in Dog Day Afternoon and Lipstick have totally ruined any chance of my looking at him without a biased eye). Then there's Apollo 18, ranking an unbelievable 26 on the ol' Rotten Tomatoes site. And for those like myself who thought there was no bite left in shark movies, there's Shark Night (sounds like something on the Discovery Channel), that employs the usual empty headed premise- teens frolicking and a killer shark (see photo).

So, best wishes for a great holiday to all of our members, friends and guests!

See YOU at the movies!

Chairman Hendo