Sunday, January 30, 2011

ICS - Update January 30, 2011 Election Results

Warm Greetings to everyone!

We had 21 people show up for the meeting last night. Now that is a very good turnout for a crappy winter night.

We had our annual election- and this year's board will be: John Ward, myself, Nina Hawes, Charlie Wittig, and Dave Willard.

Thanks go to Betsy for throwing her hat into the ring, and Tom Proveaux, who performed excellent service on the board. And a BIG Thank You to Sam DiBlasi and Rick Arnold, who did a great job with the election!
As of Monday, Charlie will no longer be employed. But in his case, that's a good thing. CW is joining the ranks of the retired! After 34 years with the Feds, he's taking his leave. Course Charlie isn't one to sit still for long.

Congrats go to Little John Ward, who received his Eagle Badge in the Scouts. As you know LJ was struck by a mysterious illness which he thankfully recovered from. So it was delayed a bit, but better later than never!

We tried our "DVDs in the basket, pick 3 vote for 1" idea last night. Marvelous Mary Blackstock picked 3 movies, and the winner was a non-genre film- "Hot Fuzz" brought in by Jocular John Weber. We may need to fine tune the idea a bit- say restrict folks to only 2 movies, and we would suggest bringing in something that has probably not been seen by a whole lot of folks. You know, get back that "Creature Feature" feeling of seeing a movie on the tube you haven't seen before.

Well, I have to go shovel some more snow, so this is a quickee.

Keep warm, and See You At the Movies! Unless it's in 3-D. I'm never going to another 3-D movie again... I hope this fad fades fast.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

ICS - Update January 23, 2011 ICS Elections

Sam DiBlasi has agree to be one of the election judges! His email is Thanks, Sam!

If you won't be attending the meeting you can email your choices to Sam. Again the candidates are:

Dave Henderson
Charlie Wittig
John Ward
Nina Hawes
Tom Proveaux
Betsy Childs
Dave Willard

Vote for NO MORE THAN 5. You can vote for 2, or 4, but NOT 6. Sam will add your votes into the tally that evening. We will also be asking for one more volunteer to help Sam collect and count the votes at the meeting.

If we are sn*wed out, then we will hold the election the next meeting.

Keep warm!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

ICS - Mini Update II, UPDATE January 6, 2011

Greetings ICSers! Well, just wanted to touch base on an issue or two-

First, I'd like to see if there is anyone else interested in running for office? I will shortly be putting together a ballot to bring in January, so I need to know who will be running.

Second, we will need 2 election tellers at the meeting. Regina V has agreed to be one, so we will ask for a second volunteer. If you won't be at the meeting and would like to cast an absentee ballot, please email your vote to Regina. She is one of the most decent and honorable persons I know, and she will cast your vote as you instructed. Remember, we have 5 positions open. Anyone who marks down more than 5 will not be counted (yes, I know it's not an easy choice). However, if you think say everyone on the ballot stinks but one, you can just vote for that one. Just no more than 5.

Dues are due- $25 a person, $40 for a couple. Nina won't be at the next meeting, but John Ward has agreed to collect dues from anyone wanting to pay in January. Please, if you can, make it exact change or check.

Sorry I wasn't able to attend the last meeting, but I should be at the next one, and yes I will get there by 2 and throw some coal in the fireplace and crank the heat up so it will be comfy when folks arrive (although Tom and Justin and John and Nina usually get there in time to help set up, too). Remember, this month we are asking folks to bring in a movie (or two, but try to make it no more than 2) and have a vote-off of 3 selected at random. If this works at getting more variety in our diet of movies, we may make it permanent. However, anyone already scheduled to do a presentation (except John Ward and myself, who are giving up our months to try our movie vote-off experiment) will still be on for a presentation. That's all for now! Keep Warm!


Monday, January 3, 2011

ICS - Mini Update, UPDATE January 3, 2011

I'm pleased to say that both BETSY CHILDS and CHARLIE WITTIG have tossed their hats into the ring! So we will be having elections at the next meeting. We'll need to members to serve as vote counters.

Anyone else? There's still time to get your name on the ballot!

ICS - Mini Update January 3, 2011

First off all, thank you to those who sent well wishes in regards to my father. I'm pleased to say he is doing well.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas, and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

A couple of points I'd like to go over with everyone-

First off, dues are due. People can pay their dues thru Paypal, but make it personal or Paypal takes $1.50 as a fee.  It is $20 per person or $40 for a couple.

We will be having elections in January. Anybody wishing to run for the Board should let a Board member know so we can put you on the ballot. We can always use new blood- some of our members have been on since inception, and a changing of the guard every now and then to bring in new ideas never hurts! Well, I don't think it hurts.

In January, we will be trying out our idea of members bringing in movies, and selecting 3. Those 3 will be voted on to see what we watch that evening. So be sure to bring in one, tops two, movies for consideration.

More later!