Sunday, January 30, 2011

ICS - Update January 30, 2011 Election Results

Warm Greetings to everyone!

We had 21 people show up for the meeting last night. Now that is a very good turnout for a crappy winter night.

We had our annual election- and this year's board will be: John Ward, myself, Nina Hawes, Charlie Wittig, and Dave Willard.

Thanks go to Betsy for throwing her hat into the ring, and Tom Proveaux, who performed excellent service on the board. And a BIG Thank You to Sam DiBlasi and Rick Arnold, who did a great job with the election!
As of Monday, Charlie will no longer be employed. But in his case, that's a good thing. CW is joining the ranks of the retired! After 34 years with the Feds, he's taking his leave. Course Charlie isn't one to sit still for long.

Congrats go to Little John Ward, who received his Eagle Badge in the Scouts. As you know LJ was struck by a mysterious illness which he thankfully recovered from. So it was delayed a bit, but better later than never!

We tried our "DVDs in the basket, pick 3 vote for 1" idea last night. Marvelous Mary Blackstock picked 3 movies, and the winner was a non-genre film- "Hot Fuzz" brought in by Jocular John Weber. We may need to fine tune the idea a bit- say restrict folks to only 2 movies, and we would suggest bringing in something that has probably not been seen by a whole lot of folks. You know, get back that "Creature Feature" feeling of seeing a movie on the tube you haven't seen before.

Well, I have to go shovel some more snow, so this is a quickee.

Keep warm, and See You At the Movies! Unless it's in 3-D. I'm never going to another 3-D movie again... I hope this fad fades fast.


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