Thursday, July 26, 2012

ICS Update - July 26, 2012


With the hot weather returning, it will be a perfect time to have our FIRST ANNUAL SALADS AND SUNDAES NIGHT! Come cool off this weekend with a salad or a sundae. The club (meaning all of us through our dues and amazon paybacks) will be paying for all the necessities. We will also be having our game show ICS-ACADEMIC. And to top it all off, it's TIM BURTON NIGHT!

I went to see Dark Knight Rises on Monday. In a movie theater. With quite a few others. I, along with those other folks, refused to let a nutjob who opened fire in a theater at the Batman movie midnight show make us afraid. Because if we do, then this nut wins. Him, and all others like him.

Hope to see you Saturday!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

ICS Hot Update - July 15, 2012

You know, the upcoming generation may be able to find out almost anything with a few keystrokes. And that's probably a good thing- because they sure don't have much knowledge stored in their heads- at least not the kind we were taught to make us a "well rounded person". I was in B&N today, when a bookperson comes up to me and asks if I need help (what a loaded question). I ask her where I could find Jules Verne. She said let's find out, and went to her computer. "Wow, he's everywhere!" she proclaimed. Sci-fi, classic, fiction... in total surprise. I said, you've never heard of Jules Verne? Nope. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? No, they didn't make me read that one in school. WELL, they didn't make me, either! I read it on my own! And who the hell has never heard of Jules Verne? Good grief! The World as We Know It, is doomed...
Hey, Tim Fleming reports that some fellow named Higgs discovered a new type of Bison. I'm always glad to hear when an endangered species is making a comeback.
For those who remember her, our biggest Godzilla fan, Linda Conrad, is selling stuff at the G-Fest Con in Florida.
Come July, we'll be having our "Salads and Sundaes" night, featuring again the renowned French Chef, Msr Thomas de la Proveaux. Also we'll be playing a round of our game show ICS-ACADEMIC! For those new folks, it's just like IT's ACADEMIC, with genre related questions. Our electronic and computer wiz Charlie Wittig designed and built the BRAINIC device for it. The board has come up with a list of 100 questions that will be used that evening. Jolly John Weber will be host, because in the past any team John was on blew away everyone else. :)  The winning team gets a double vote card! You're probably saying, "wow, how could this night GET any better?". Well, to top it off, Nina Hawes is having- Tim Burton Night! Yes, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice and the Headless Horseman and many others will all be there that evening for us to vote on!
We'll also chat on some of the movies out there- a certain webslinger debuted a short time ago, and a dark knight is on the horizon this week. So stay cool, and we'll see you at the next ICS-MEETING!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ICS Update - July 4, 2012

"The Second Day of July 1776 will be the most memorable Epocha, in the History of America. . . . It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, Guns, Bells, Bonfires, and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other from this Time forward forever more."
--John Adams to Abigail Adams, July 3, 1776
Well, gang, as we can see, John Adams, the Forgotten Founder, was off by 2 days. July 2nd was the actual day that Congress took a vote to declare its independence from England. July 4th was the day it was proclaimed throughout the colonies.

It's easy in hindsight to see how this all turned out. But at the time... these men had taken a large bold step. They were aware that what they had done could be considered treason. 

These representatives from 13 assorted colonies, who often were in competition with each other for trade and business, had united on this monumental issue (ok, NY abstained, but it was not a "nay" vote). As Franklin put it, "We must all hang together, or surely we will all hang separately", as in 'on the gallows'. And he was right. Had history taken a different turn, Benedict Arnold might be considered a hero, and Washington a traitor. It was by no means a "slam dunk". As Adams put it, "1/3 of the country was for independence, 1/3 for loyalty to the crown, and 1/3 just wanted to be left alone". He was quite right.

As we gather for our cookouts and parades, let us think for a minute of the men, and the women who stood by their husbands as they put themselves in harm's way, who took such a chance in those heady days of July, 1776.

I want to thank all of those who came out on a very hot and humid June night to attend our meeting. We had a nice turnout of 21 people that evening. Courtney Spies brought in some very good Roger Corman Poe movies. We wound up watching the excellent "Masque of the Red Death". A big "thank you" to Daryl for setting up the projector, since Charlie was catching Joan Jett in concert.

That evening showed how unpredictable showing movies outside can be. The heat was unbearable. We will probably try to have these in September- it's cooler, and it gets dark earlier than 9:00.

Next month we will be featuring our "Salads and Sundaes" meeting- a change from our usual Pizza Night, which we will hold later in the year. It's also an "ICS-ACADEMIC" night. A reminder to da board and Onederful John Weber- send game questions to me, please, and I will put together a list. John Weber will be our host. The winning team gets "Double Vote Cards"- where you get a card that you can use to get 2 votes that night for a movie rather than one. We'll explain it more later.

Speaking of sending things, if you get a chance over the holiday, send your top 150 list to John Ward. I know it's hard to remember- I haven't done one yet, either. But John needs them by the end of July.

Our treasury is in great shape. I don't have the exact amount on me, but it's over $1,900. We are getting bucketfuls of cash from So remember to go to our website, click the "Amazon" button, and we get a kickback each time you do when you purchase something.

Hey, are you on FACEBOOK? Well, we have a page there, too. Why not like us? Also, if you've seen a movie, or something else you think the club would like, post it!

That's all for now! May everyone have a safe and enjoyable July 4th Holiday!

Historic Hendo