Sunday, January 29, 2012

ICS Update - January 29, 2012

Greetings one and all! We had a great turnout last night for a cold January. I want to thank everyone who made it out.

We had our annual elections last night- and we have a new board. John Ward, Nina Hawes, Charlie Wittig, Tom Proveaux and myself were elected. Annual elections are an important part of our club. We have had many serve on the board over the years. And that's a good thing. We encourage everyone to consider running one day.

We have $1224.78 in the Treasury! Very good. We will be looking into getting a blu-ray player. Charlie thinks it's compatible with our current projector, although it might not quite be HD.

We have some interesting stuff coming up over the next few months:

In February, Nina will be doing "Dracula in the Movies".
In March, I'll be showing "Hammers You Probably Have Not Seen". Despite being know for its horror films, Hammer did a lot of other movies.
In April we will have Martin Grams, talking on the Twilight Zone.
In May, Dave W will be doing a movie which I forgot the name of...
In June I can't remember who signed up... CRS Syndrome.
In July we will have Betsy, ICS-ACADEMIC with your host, John Weber and PIZZA!.
In August we will have Tom Woodward.
In September, John will be doing a presentation to commemorate our 150th meeting!
In October we (hopefully) will have Greg Mank back.

John Ward would like everyone to do some list compiling. He wants a listing of your favorite 150 Genre Movies (if you can't think of that many, list what you can), top 50 all round movies, and top 10 of guilty pleasures. The most important list is the one for your top 150 Genre movies.

Also John will be conducting the Annual Oscar Pool. To obtain a ballot, simply google in "Oscar List" and pick a winner for each category. Costs $5 to play- all money goes to the club.

We picked up a new member at the last meeting. His name is Joe, and I will only mangle his last name. I'll point him out at the next meeting. 

We watched "Cowboys and Aliens". 

And that's all I have time for for now. I'll be back again in the near future!

See YOU at the movies. Maybe.

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