Thursday, January 26, 2012

ICS Update - January 26, 2012, Upcoming Recent Movies Night

This will be RECENT MOVIES MONTH! Bring in a recent movie and we'll vote on one to watch! Now John Ward mentioned bringing in blu rays- I don't think we have a blu ray player yet. But that should be something to consider for the coming year, what with more and more folks switching to B-R.

This weekend is our yearly elections, too. Once again running for office are myself, John Ward, Nina Hawes, Charles Wittig, Thomas (The Velvet Voice) Proveaux, and David Willard. If you won't be there, but would like to vote, email your choice of
FIVE (5) to Sam Diblasi or Rick Arnold.

John Ward will again be having the Oscar Pool. C'mon, take a chance. The money goes to the club. I take part every year and vote and actually get 1 or 2 right!

So, I hope to see all of you this Saturday!


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