Monday, October 17, 2011

Quickee ICS Update - October 17, 2011

Just a reminder, dear friends, that this weekend we will be sponsoring the ICS screening of EARTH V THE FLYING SAUCERS. It's at the Perry Hall Library on Honeygo Blvd starting at 1. Many of us will be getting there early to set up. We hope to have a nice crowd there-

Our Halloween Meeting will be the week after. Again, we'll be having dusk to dawn movies. Feel free to bring in a movie that night. Dave Willard will be doing the classic thriller M.

As some may know, Baltimore City happens to have a Poe House, which Edgar stayed at for a period in Baltimore (Richmond and New York also have Poe Houses. Perhaps Boston, too). However, due to cuts in funding, the Poe House will be shuttered come January 1. If you've never been there, October is a perfect time. They often have a Poe impersonator there, reading Poe. I won't kid you, it's in a very bad part of town. Everytime I've gone, there's been a police car stationed there. Parking has never been a problem for me, though. They have some interesting Poe artifacts there. If you've never been, and want to, better go soon. BTW, a new movie featuring Poe will be coming out.

Here's the trailer:

 The Raven

Hope to see folks on Saturday!


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