Friday, October 7, 2011

ICS Update - October 7, 2011 Earth VS. The Flying Saucers

Just a reminder- to mark your calendars for OCTOBER 22 for our movie presentation of EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS at the Perry Hall Library.  It starts at 1:00, but come earlier if you can. Unfortunately, it was not listed in the local newspaper along with PHL's October Events- we'll have to have a board member check up on that.

Speaking of the board- it's still 3 months out, but remember we will be having elections in January. I'm not sure about the other board members yet, but I plan on running for the board Chairman again. If you would like to run, give your name to either Rocking Rick Arnold or Smiling Sam DiBlasi.

Also start looking through your stuff for donations to the Silent Auction that we will be having in December. Also that month is open, presenter wise, so we will be asking folks to bring in a movie, and we'll vote on which one to watch. Sort of a movie Grab Bag Night.

I must stand corrected (actually sit corrected)- I said in the last Update that it was Courtney's first time as a presenter. That was incorrect- Courtney had previously done the fantastic "Legend of Hell House".

That's it for now!


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