Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ICS Update - August 24, 2011 (Good Night Irene)

I got this email from Charlie:
2. "Good Night Irene"...
Am I the only one concerned about the state of the weather on Saturday afternoon/evening?

I think we ought to send out a note asap to the rest of the ICS telling them to watch the weather reports and to check their email at 4pm.  If the weather is creating problems, the board can get together on the phone/email and make a decision on whether we will have a meeting.  A note can go out, and people will be prepared to check at 4pm.  For the Proveaux's of the world who do not have regular access to email, we can call.

What do you all think

Charlie is spot on. For those who may not have heard, a major hurricane is heading our way this weekend. What happens depends upon its course. If it veers out to sea, we'll have a lot of rain. If not, we'll have major winds and rain. Use common sense. Check your emails that day. We'll send out an email if there is good reason to cancel.


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