Wednesday, June 15, 2011

ICS - Update June 15, 2011 IT'S SUMMER 1975 AGAIN . . .

, , , as the ICS takes on JAWS! We're going to take a look at the FIRST Summer Blockbuster Movie EVER (according to the film historians). This really waxes nostalgic for me, since I was an usher at the Senator Theater when JAWS was unleashed upon the world.

The meeting will be held on June 25. Now there are going to be some changes to our sh-ed-u-le for that evening because we're trying something a little different. We will be showing the movie OUTSIDE drive-in style (w/o the cars). Chazz Wittig has purchased a HUGE inflatable screen to show the movie on (see the ICS Facebook page for photos!  ICS Facebook Page ). Which means we'll have to wait until about 9 p.m. to start the movie. So here's the agenda:

As always, I will arrive there early to turn on the A/C.

  • Anyone who wants to come early to socialize can certainly do so.
  • At about 5:30 the board is going offsite for dinner and a business meeting. We'll return by 7.
  • At 7, Chairman Hendo will be showing a power point (inside) that was YEARS in the making entitled- "A look back at JAWS". It'll be a nostalgic look back at the movie, including scenes from and behind the scenes shots of the movie, plus some commentary to boot.
  • This will segue into a panel discussion on JAWS, led by John "You all know what I do fer a livin'" Ward and Nina "We're gonna need a bigger boat" Hawes. During this time, Charlie and I will be making final preparations outside for showing the movie.
  • When the 9:00 hour nears, we will ask folks to kindly take their seats- outside this time- as we prepare to show our 36th Anniversary Celebration of JAWS.
Now- I would ask folks while you're running your daily errands over the next week and a half that if you're in a Walmart or Target, pick up skeeter repellent. Also if you can, bring a citronella candle (I picked up this flammable gel stuff today). We have a large area to cover, but if enough folks bring one candle, we might be able to keep the area relatively bug-free. My backup plan is to hide the bug spray from Regina, because she's a mosquito magnet.

Just kidding, Reg!

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for nice weather. Another update will come out before the meeting.

Your friendly neighborhood Chairman Hendo

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