Friday, April 29, 2011

ICS - Update April 29, 2011


Our April Meeting is tomorrow, and it looks like we have a weekend without showers!

Remember to bring THE MOVIE THAT SCARED THE BEE-GEEZUS OUT OF YOU tomorrow!  We'll be having an open panel discussion tomorrow on the topic, followed by a voting on whose scary movie to watch.

Looks like we will have a change in plans for June. Gary Svehla happened to notice that Tom Weaver, who was scheduled to be a co-speaker in June, is listed on the guest list at MONSTER BASH in Butler, PA that weekend. Some emails went back and forth tween Tom and myself, who says he was never told the date (um, I don't think that's accurate).

Anyway, after input from board members John Ward and Charlie Wittig, we basically decided not to worry about it. We still need to find out if Greg Mank will also be in Butler. In any event, the show will go on!

Hope to see you there tomorrow, same bat-time, same bat-channel!


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