Thursday, August 1, 2013

ICS Update: Hello From Hendo The Big Move - August 1, 2013

(Thank Goodness HENDO IS BACK IN ACTION!!!  After a brief hiatus we resume the ICS Updates - Judy)


You know, change is not always easy. We find comfort in familiar patterns and familiar surroundings. Any disruption to that can cause anxiety and stress.

Well, this has got to be easiest damn change I for one have EVER made! Moving to our new facilities was as easy as it gets! We had moved our equipment to the new site weeks ago. So all's we had to do is wait and see who showed up that night. And what a great turnout we had! It took no time at all to warm to the new venue. And I think that's because the ICS is not a building, it's people.

Below is a lineup of the events we have planned, compiled by John Ward. Looks like some really good stuff coming up! We've gotten confirmation from Greg Mank that he will be here in October!

Aug 2013  H.G. Wells in Film -- Joe Martellotta

Sept 2013  Dario Argento -- Gary Svehla

Oct 2013  Young Frankenstein -- Greg Mank  (+ Halloween Potluck)

Nov 2013 Favorite movies -- Wayne Kern

Dec 2013  Movie sequels -- John Ward   (+ Silent Auction)

Jan 2014  Strong Women in Sci-Fi -- Jean Salvatore  

(15th Anniversary)

Feb 2014  Sweethearts of the 60's-70's -- Margaret Freeman

Mar 2014  No topic -- Betsy Childs

Apr 2014  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea -- Dave Henderson

May 2014  Targets (with Boris Karloff) -- Courtney Spies

June 2014  Batman on Film -- Kim Bartenslager

July 2014  No topic -- Lorne Marshall

Aug 2014  Open

Sept 2014  No topic -- Charlie Wittig

Oct 2014  Open

Nov 2014  Open

Dec 2014  Grindhouse/Drive-In Special -- John Ward  (+Silent Auction)

I would encourage everyone to try their hand at a movie night. You don't have to do a presentation if you don't want to. You could bring in 3 movies you like, or 3 movies you put on when you want a visitor to finally go home. The true object is to expose the club to something they may not have seen, or may not have seen in awhile. Now a little ICS History here- originally we had people just bring in a movie, and we voted. Pretty consistently we voted. You could almost tell what would win. Not that there's anything wrong with that- we watched a lot of great movies that way. Like "The Giant Claw".  Lorne Marshall, an ICS member, said to Dave Willard, 'This way I'll never get to see the type of movies I like'. And he was right. We were missing out on a chance to see a broader spectrum of movies that we might not have watched on our own, but actually liked when we saw it. Or not. That's the fun. That's how we got to see "Don't Torture A Duckling" (I still remember that guy falling down that cliff in slow motion). Well, I'm glad to say that Lorne has returned to the ICS after a long hiatus (isn't it a bugger when work gets in the way of having fun?). 

Hey this weekend there are TWO big Conventions going on! The one of course is SHORE LEAVE, who have finally shaken free their Stargate trappings and are having guests like William Shatner, Amanda Tapping and Brent Spiner. Unfortunately the Shatner talk cost extra, and is sold out. Although I heard that at previous cons he likes to talk more about his horses than Star Trek. How about the fun times doing the "Promise Margarine" commercials, Bill? How about your resentment that JJ "the hack" Abrams has no interest in featuring you as Kirk Prime in the rebooted franchaise? How about working on "The Devil's Rain" where you chewed up all the scenery and had a semi nude scene with Hee-Haw Honey Lisa Todd? If you want to go off Star Trek topic- at a frikking Star Trek CONVENTION- how about talking about those?

Speaking of horsies, this weekend there's also- BRONYCON! Yes friends, a con is dedicated to "My Little Pony"! So far they've sold about 6,000 tickets, which is 5,999 more than I thought they would.
 So if you can't make Shore Leave, be sure and giddyup over to Bronycon. You can bet I WON'T be there!

That's all for now folks! And remember, if you only see ONE movie this year, you need to get out more often!


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