Tuesday, May 1, 2012

ICS Update - April 30, 2012 Avengers Dis-assemble

An important message has been received on the Avengers Priority One Band from John Ward:

I guess you didn't get my phone message or text.  I almost clicked "Reply All" for this, but I figured you should send it out.  The 9 A.M. show this Saturday is sold out according to Fandango, so I went ahead and grabbed two tickets for my son John and me at the next available time, the 9:40 A.M. show in IMAX 3D.  I know you're not a 3D fan, so I checked and saw that there are still tickets available for the next 2D show at 12:20.  You should let the members know ASAP.  Also let them know, if they're interested, that the IMAX 3D tickets are only $12 for the first morning show at 9:40.  Later, they go up to $18.

JohnErgo we won't be organizing a flash mob this weekend. They are expecting an opening weekend gross of $150 million. It opened in Europe last week, and it is running wild at the box-office. Good luck if you decide to chance it this weekend.

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