Thursday, March 1, 2012

ICS Update - March 1, 2012

Well friends, I'm sorry to say that we will NOT be having Martin Grams this April. Despite my having firmed this up with him months ago in several emails, once again a speaker 'forgot to put it on their calendar'. So we will be having a "Boycott MANC" meeting that night instead. Just kidding. But I'll be damned if I'll be lining up any outside speakers for awhile. 3 strikes and I'm done. Well, for now.
What we will be doing in April will be an issue the board will address at the next meeting. In May we will be having Dave Willard doing a presentation on the movie "Bluebird" along with our Annual Memorial Day Cookout.
And in June we'll be having movies under the stars as we have our "Drive-In Night" meeting. Courtney Spies will be having a perfect topic for a drive-in movie- Corman's Poe Films.

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